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“Expression of Interest” for hosting Fellows – Marie Skłodowska-Curie PostDoc Positions in Germany

The Sorbian Institute is interested in hosting post-doctoral fellows within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship programme. It welcomes experienced researchers seeking to work on all fields of Minority research, especially in innovative projects concerning the Sorbian Minority in comparison with other ethnic, linguistic or national minorities.
The Sorbian Institute (SI) in Bautzen and Cottbus researches the language, history and culture of the Sorbs (Wends) in Upper and Lower Lusatia in past and present. It collects and archives the necessary materials, prepares them for research and makes them accessible to the public. In addition, the interdisciplinary research is aimed on the current situation, the specificity and the comparison of small languages and cultures in Europe.
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23.–25.11.2017: Mjezynarodna konferenca w Budyšinje

Reformacija a etniskosć. Serbja, Letojo a Estojo w 16. a 17. lětstotku
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Michael Richter: Deutsche Parteien in der sorbischen Oberlausitz 1945–1953.
Die politische Entwicklung in den zweisprachigen Kreisen nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg
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