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Foto von  Denise Schallenkammer, M.A.
Denise Schallenkammer

Denise Schallenkammer, M.A.

Scientific staff


Areas of research

  • Film Studies
  • Media Science and Culture
  • Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies
  • Inter- and Transcultural Communication Research
  • Indigenous Studies

Research projects


  • since 2020 research assistant at the Sorbian Institute
  • 2019-2020 Editor for press and public relations in the area of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia for SPREE-Presse und PR-Büro GmbH
  • 2019 Master Thesis: The Representation of Māori in Contemporary New Zealand Film (1983–2010). A Comparison of filmic Presentation of Indigenous Identity by Māori and Pākehā
  • 2016-2019 Master of Arts (M.A.): Communication and Media Science (Major), British and American Transcultural Studies (Minor); studying a semester abroad in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • 2016 Bachelor Thesis: “The Representation of Women in Contemporary New
    Zealand Film.”
  • 2012-2016 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.): Anglistics and Communication and Media Science at the University of Leipzig; studying a semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland


  • GfM – Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft e.V.
  • GfE – Gesellschaft für Ethnographie e.V.‎
  • Sorbian-German Film Network “Łužycafilm”



  • Wo wuznamje ››Serbskeho Filma‹‹. Serbske filmowe tworjenje – wot ›narunanskeho koła‹ k ›gratej‹ serbskeje kultury? (On the Significance of “Sorbian Film”. Sorbian Filmmaking – From a ‘Spare Wheel’ to a ‘Tool’ of Sorbian Culture?). In: Rozhlad, 01/2023, S. 6-11.