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Zweigstelle für niedersorbische Forschungen
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Abteilung für Regionalentwicklung und Minderheitenschutz
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Sorbian cultural archive

The Sorbian Cultural Archive is the only official archive for Sorbian collections and archive material. As with the library, it was also founded on the collection of the Maćica Serbska. It preserves documents important for historical research and current cultural practices and makes them available to users. Among the most important objects are the bequests of Sorbian politicians, scientists, musicians, writers and artists from Upper and Lower Lusatia. The records of Domowina, the umbrella organisation for Sorbian associations, from its founding in 1912 until 1989 are among the most important collections. In addition, the archive contains papers from Sorbian associations, including the Maćica Serbska, from student and school student associations, from choirs, from the gymnastics club Sokoł and from several cultural and educational organisations up to 1989. A highlight of the archive is it photo collection, photo bequests, and sound and film recordings. In addition to this material the archive collects PhD theses, newspaper cuttings, programmes and posters on Sorbian topics.

In the Virtual reading hall you will find all the offers of the Sorbian Central Library and the holdings of the Sorbian Cultural Archive at a glance.

Opening times

Monday – Wednesday 9 am – 4 pm,
Thursday 9 am – 6 pm
Friday closed.

The library and archive will be closed from December 27th, 2023 to December 29th, 2023.
We wish our readers a blessed Christmas and a healthy New Year.

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